In this article, we’ll examine the question: can I beat Halo before?

This will not be a quick answer. You see, there are many factors to take into account in order to answer that question.

We’ll need to look at what you mean by “beat,” how much time you have, and whether or not it’s possible if your console is modded (or hacked) so that you can play as an Elite soldier for instance. We’ll start by looking at what “beat” means.

It’s not as simple of a question to answer as it might seem, because there are so many different aspects to the game that need to be examined in order to determine whether or not you will beat Halo before __ (we’re going with before your time runs out).

suppression, violent, victory @ Pixabay

For example, do we mean beating every mission?

Do we just want to defeat each level and reach the credits screen?

Or do we consider things like defeating all enemies or completing Campaign on Legendary difficulty levels included too?

And how about multiplayer; would winning an online match against other players count as beating Halo? There is also another important thing for us to talk about: timing. 


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