“Can I ask you a question?” This is the first sentence that many of our clients say when they come in for an appointment. As a therapist, it’s one of my favourite questions because it often leads to an important discovery.

But as business owners, we need to be asking ourselves this question: “How can I learn from my customers’ needs and better serve them?”

If you’re not sure how to do that, here are 11 questions you should be asking your clients!

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What are you struggling with?

What advice would you give to someone else in a similar situation?

How do we know if this is working for me (or my business)?

Is there anything I can be doing better or differently to help you feel more successful?

When did your problems start happening, and how often have they been going on lately?

Do other people around you notice them when they happen?

If so, who’s noticing the most – friends, family members, co-workers. Why haven’t our strategies worked yet?

Are there any warning signs that usually precede an “episode”?

Which of these things could go wrong before a big problem happens: stress at work; home life; finances; etc.? 


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