Humans can digest bones. We have the teeth and stomach acid to break down bone, which is why we have a small appendix that starts at the end of our large intestine and helps push out waste.

This is a paragraph describing the importance of bones in our body. It needs to be longer and more detailed, but it will do as an example!

diagram, digestive, system @ Pixabay

We have all sorts of cells that need calcium for healthy functioning, including nerve cells, muscles and blood vessels. If we don’t eat enough calcium or vitamin D from sun exposure then these essential systems can start to suffer.

That’s why osteoporosis (a disease where your bone mass decreases) often affects people who are post-menopausal women–their ovaries no longer produce estrogen which helps them absorb calcium.

This also explains why there are so many hip fractures among elderly populations with little access to sunlight and fresh food sources like dairy products.” – Dr Elizabeth Tanzi


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