Yes, horses can swim!

This is a surprising fact to some people. Horses have been known to swim in rivers and lakes when they are frightened by predators like mountain lions (cougars) or wolves. They also may be swimming for sport and fun, but it’s not as common.

The horse’s natural instinct is to flee from predators, and when they can’t get away on the ground, they take to the water. This is because their legs are too long for swimming so a horse has to rely on its body as a buoyant platform.

horse, swim, lake @ Pixabay

Its head goes underwater but it floats up again with each step or kick of its powerful hindquarters until it reaches safety ashore.

Horses also use their tails like oars – sweeping them back and forth in either direction which propels him through the water while his front feet bear most of the weight (some donkeys have been knowing to swim).

So, yes! Horses CAN swim! It may not be something you want your horses to try out at home


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