Many people have been asking if horses can eat watermelon.

The answer is yes!

However, it should be placed on a flat surface and cut into small pieces so that the horse doesn’t choke. Horses need to drink plenty of water when eating this fruit as well because they are unable to produce enough saliva to break down the seeds in their stomachs.

Some horses have learned to eat watermelon by biting off the end of a piece, chewing it up and spitting out what they don’t want. Others simply place their face in front of a slice and let gravity do its work!

There are many other fruits that horses can eat as well. Apples, bananas, kiwi, oranges and strawberries are all on the list of foods that they enjoy eating.

Tip: Horses cannot consume any fruit with a pit in it so if any pieces contain seeds or pits they should be discarded before being fed to the horse.

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