There is a lot of misinformation and incorrect information out there about bugs, especially in children. This blog post will debunk 10 myths that surround kids and bugs.

It will also help you learn how to get rid of lice with the right knowledge so that you can avoid being embarrassed at school or work!

Myth #: Lice survive for up to a week, or longer if they are not exposed to water.

Fact: Lice cannot live more than 24 hours without the warmth and humidity of human hair (or animal fur) on which it feeds.

ladybug, lice, eat @ Pixabay

For this reason, lice cannot be transmitted from one person to another by brushing their heads together in public places like schools and playgrounds where there is no contact with hair; nor can you get them from using an exercise machine at the gym or sitting next to someone on a bus—so long as both people keep their own hair reasonably clean.

The only way that louse could transmit themselves onto somebody else would be by crawling out of your head onto theirs.


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