This is a blog post about hamsters, and whether they can swim. Some people say that hamsters can’t swim because of their body shape, and some people say that they have seen them swimming before.

We will explore the topic from both perspectives in this article! In the first section, we will explore whether hamsters can swim. This is an answer that seems logical on its surface because of their body shape!

summer mouse, mouse, animal @ Pixabay

As many know, a hamster’s hind legs are significantly shorter than its front so has difficulty moving around and would have to lay down in order to get a nose full of water.

That being said, they may be able to balance themselves enough with just their forelegs and use them as paddles which could theoretically help them move through the water.

Before you go jumping in headfirst though consider this: there really isn’t any evidence that says that they can swim either way so for now let’s leave it up in the air! 


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