Can hamsters eat spinach? This is a question that may have never crossed your mind before. However, it is an important question to ask if you own or plan to buy a pet hamster. Let’s explore this topic and find out the answer. First, it is important to note that hamsters are not vegetarians. This means they need meat in their diet as well as plants and vegetables.

spinach, healthy, green @ Pixabay

A typical diet for a hamster includes animal protein such as cheese or egg yolk, fresh fruits and vegetables cooked into a mixture of grains like rice or oats (rice is typically the favorite), seeds, nuts – especially sunflower seeds which provide vitamin E, some fruit juice diluted with water because too much sugar can lead to tooth decay and obesity. These foods should be given daily on top of hay pellets for nesting material so your pet has something scrunchy to chew on during its downtime periods. In addition to eating these things every day many owners will supplement this basic food plan.


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