Hamsters make great pets for many reasons, such as their small size and low maintenance. But did you know that hamsters can eat watermelon? In this blog post, we will give you some fun facts about these furry little critters. Learn all about the different types of hamsters out there and how to care for them. Hamsters are rodents, which means they can be found in many different climates. There are 16 types of hamster breeds that come from five families and 11 genera. A single female hamster will produce an average litter size of four to six pups per year.

watermelon, fruit, food @ Pixabay

Baby hamsters should not be touched or handled too much because it could disrupt their natural growth rate and may lead to developmental issues. Please contact us if you want more information on this topic! Molly’s Pet Care is a full service animal care center where we offer pet sitting services as well as grooming, boarding, daycare, dog training classes and so much more! We have locations all around the area – check.


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