Hamsters are small furry rodents that make a great pet for children. They’re also really cute, and they come in all sorts of colors! However, it’s not safe to feed them tomatoes because the fruit is poisonous to them. If you want your hamster to live a long life, the best thing you can do is avoid feeding him or her anything with tomato ingredients in it.

tomatoes, bowl, food @ Pixabay

This blog post is about hamsters and what they can and cannot eat. The content starts off by explaining that tomatoes are poisonous to hamsters and that this fruit should not be fed to them in any way, shape or form. It then goes on to talk about why it’s bad for a hamster if you feed him or her something with tomato ingredients in it – the main reason being because the fruit itself will poison your pet over time. Thankfully, there are other food items out there that won’t hurt your furry friend! In conclusion, just make sure anything you give your hamster has nothing related to tomatoes in it at all.


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