Hamsters are a unique pet. They’re nocturnal, so they tend to be more active at night. Hamsters don’t typically require a lot of space; they’re happy living in an aquarium or plastic bin with plenty of bedding and a wheel for exercise. What should I feed my pet hamster? This is one question that we will answer today.

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We’ll go over the basic diet requirements, as well as common foods you can give your hammy to eat! If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below and we’ll be sure to answer! Benefits of a Hamster: They’re inexpensive pets. Hamsters are quiet animals that can live on most surfaces if they’re given enough bedding material. They don’t need anything more than an aquarium or plastic bin with some wood chips for their home base. No expensive cages needed.

The average lifespan of pet hamsters is two years (although some people report having theirs for much longer). This makes them affordable as well because even if you only get one it will likely outlive your child’s childhood so the cost spread over time is low compared to other pets.


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