It’s easy to think that you can’t eat certain foods, but it turns out your diet could use a little more variety. Here are 11 super fruits that might be the perfect addition to your diet! Many people turn up their nose at the idea of eating fruit that isn’t ripe. However, if you’re not sure how to tell what’s ripe and what’s not, visit this guide for help. There are many benefits to adding more fruits to your diet.

berry, vegetarian, vegan @ Pixabay

Fruit can be a great way to get enough fiber in your day because it doesn’t have any fat or cholesterol like most other foods do. You also may find yourself feeling fuller after an afternoon snack from all those vitamins and minerals found in fresh produce! A list of the best super fruits is below so you know which ones fit into your diet type: Persimmon – If you’re looking for something sweet with low sugar content then persimmons.


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