In this article, we will take a look at the most popular types of cheese people feed their hamsters. We’ll go over what type of cheese is good for them and which ones are bad for them, as well as why they can’t eat all cheeses. To get started, let’s talk about how much humans love cheese! The most common type of cheese people feed their hamsters is mozzarella, which can be good for them. This includes cheddar, gouda, and other hard cheeses like parmesan. The reason these types are typically okay is because they have no mold or bacteria in them that would irretrievably harm the animal if consumed. However, some softer cheeses such as cream cheese should not be fed to hamsters at all! These types are prone to growing mold and could cause serious problems when eaten by a small rodent. In general, any product with mold on it should not be given to your pet unless you know exactly what the risks associated with it will be beforehand. As discussed so far:


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