A hamster is a small furry creature that is native to Eastern Europe. Hamsters are often kept as pets, and they can make great companions for children or adults. They have short tails and long whiskers on their faces, which help them navigate through the world around them. There are many different breeds of hamsters, but they all share some common traits – including being able to eat celery! -Hamsters can eat celery, and they do so for a variety of reasons. Hamsters will often use their teeth to chew on the vegetable in order to keep themselves healthy and prevent tooth decay. They may also nibble on it if they have been frightened or are feeling stressed out – this is because chewing has natural calming effects that helps them feel better again. Additionally, hamsters might consume celery as an attempt to try something new while eating – especially if other types of food haven’t been available recently. A hamster’s diet consists primarily of plant material such as lettuce, apples, corn kernels, cucumber slices; but these animals enjoy meat too! A great way to give your pet some extra flavor with its


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