Almonds are a delicious and healthy nut that humans can eat. But, as it turns out, hamsters cannot. Here’s why: The reason is unclear but some scientists speculate that the high levels of protein in almonds make them hard to digest for pet rodents like hamsters. This is because rodents have a hard time breaking down and metabolizing proteins. As such, they may cause damage to the lining of their gut as well as other parts of the digestive tract. So while almonds are not toxic for hamsters in any way (in fact, humans can eat them too!), it’s best if you’re giving your pet rodent something else instead like walnuts or hazelnuts that contain less protein than almonds do. This will help avoid stress on his digestive system and keep him healthy! Here are some foods from our list that hamsters CAN eat: -Carrots; -Cauliflower; -Applesauce (unsweetened); -Oatmeal cookies with raisins and pumpkin; -Bananas (cut into small pieces); -Chicken breast, skinless with bone removed. Here are some foods from our list that hamsters CANNOT eat: -Almonds; -Peanuts; -Dog food or cat food of any kind. 12 Things hamsters can and can’t eat: Almonds | HamsterNation UK Blog on Pet Care Tips & Advice for Owners! Can hamsters eat almonds? This is a question many people have asked recently but unfortunately the answer is no. There’s still hope though as there are plenty other things they do like to nibble on so you’re not out of luck yet if your pet rodent friend prefers them more than


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