As a Pokémon, Gyarados is capable of learning several powerful moves. One of these is the Fly move. This begs the question: Can Gyarados learn fly? In this blog post, we explore whether or not it can learn Fly and what that would mean for any trainer who has one in their party! To be able to learn Fly, Gyarados must have a high enough level. This is because it needs the ability “Levitate” in order to fly and this requires a special power called “Tackle”. In Pokémon Red/Blue for example, if your gyarados has been evolved from its first form of Magikarp then you will need a minimum level of 55 before it can learn Tackle which means that you would also need at least Level 56 or higher (depending on whether or not Goldenrod City’s gym is open) in order to teach Gyarados the move Fly! As mentioned earlier, one way to teach an unevolved magikarp how to fly is by evolving them into their next stage. When they


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