Guinea pigs are not nocturnal animals, but they are crepuscular. This means that during the day and at dusk, guinea pigs will be active. They sleep more than 12 hours a day on average so they can see in the dark! But can they see in the dark? Guinea pigs have eyes that are adapted for seeing at low light levels. They also don’t produce their own vitamin C so need to ensure a diet with lots of vegetables and fruits which contain this nutrient. So yes, guinea pigs can see in the dark! Anatomy: The rodent has better vision than humans do because it has an extra set of eyelids inside its eye that serve as cleaning mechanisms. Guinea pig babies have blue or pink eyes until about six weeks old when they will start taking on adult coloring too. Unlike other animals, these rodents only have one large incisor tooth growing from either side of their mouth–not two smaller ones like some mammals do–


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