In Fallout 4, your companions can die. This is a hugely important decision to make in the game as it will affect how the story plays out. In this blog post, we are going to take a look at four things you should consider before they do: * Who will I miss the most? * Will this person die again in a future playthrough of Fallout? – Is it worth taking that chance for an extra perk and item reward? – If so, do you have any spare perks or items to share with them before they leave your party forever? – What kind of character would be better suited if you want companions who can’t die anyway (such as Dogmeat)? * Which companion is my favorite right now and should stay alive at all costs. They don’t even need to provide much help since their presence alone keeps me happy throughout the game. In fact, no matter what happens during combat encounters because I know they are watching over me like


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