If you are a chemistry enthusiast or you have studied the subject, then you might be familiar with endothermic reactions. Endothermic reactions are when a chemical reaction absorbs heat from its surroundings to make things happen. It is basically the opposite of exothermic reactions which release heat as they occur. If this is true, then can an endothermic reaction be spontaneous? The answer is no because it would require that energy be added in order for it to take place and there would not be any left over after the reaction took place! NEXT SENTENCE. So, to answer the question of whether or not an endothermic reaction can be spontaneous, it is no because energy must be added in order for a reaction to happen and there would not be any left over after the event took place! Is Endothermic Reactions Spontaneous? The Answer Is No Because It Would Require That Energy Be Added In Order For It To Take Place And There Wouldn’t Be Any Left Over After The Reaction Took Place! So, To Answer This Question Of Whether Or Not An Endothermic Reaction Can Be Spontaneous, It Is No BECAUSE ENERGY MUST BE ADDED IN ORDER FOR A REACTION TO HAPP


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