There are many elements that go into a good design. You have to think about the colors, fonts, layout and more. But what exactly is the difference between all of these things? In this blog post we will break down each element so you can create your own masterpiece! Keywords: design, design elements, color, fonts , layout Keywords: design, design elements, color, fonts, layout Key sentences: Design is more than just picking out colors and choosing a font! There are many different things that go into designing something. All of these individual pieces will help you to create the perfect look for what it is you’re trying to display on your website or in any other medium. In this post we’ll break down each element so you can make sure every detail matches up with your brand’s personality. Design Elements 101 The term “design” has become very broad over time when referring to how an object looks- from furniture all the way back through clothing. But there’s another definition here too.. one where the word refers specifically to graphical representation


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