This is where I live now. As a beach lover, I am always on the lookout for local medical care. Brighton Beach Medical Group is my local hospital. I have been to several of their locations and have been very impressed with the services and the quality of care I have received.

The hospital is small, a mere 400 beds, though they claim that they are going to add another 500 beds shortly. They also have a 24-hour emergency department, a surgery, a dentist, a physical therapy department, a speech therapy clinic, and a rehabilitation center. They have a full-time nurse and a part-time intern. They also have about 100 doctors on staff, though only about 10 of them are actually doctors.

Brighton Beach Medical Center is just about the only place I’ve been to where the doctors are actually doctors. So far, no one has mentioned that they’re doctors. Doctors, that is.

Brighton Beach Medical Center is a big, sprawling, and well run place. It does have a number of physicians on staff, but that’s about it. For that, I’d say, there are only about a dozen doctors, and all their other employees are nurses.

I mean.. yeah, maybe we can look forward to some good gossip about how the women on the staff treat the patients.

The only thing Ive seen is a couple of nurses who are a little on the weird side. Ive read that there are a few doctors who are a little on the weird side, but theyre pretty much the same as the nurses. The doctors have been mostly left to their own devices. That said, Ive never seen a doctor that was on a bender or really on the edge of sanity.

Well, there’s one doctor who is on the edge of sanity. A doctor named Dr. Dibs.

This doctor is, as the name implies, a doctor of the dark arts. He is a walking legend in his field with a reputation so bad I had to look him up. So let me assure you that even though he is not a doctor, he has a pretty good understanding of the medical problems of the common man. His treatment of the patients is also pretty messed up, but his patients are a little too nice for my taste.

At least the ones that are, since I don’t like the fact he’s so nice. But I’m guessing that he’s also a doctor of the dark arts as well. I’m just sure he has a lot more to hide than you might think. And he’s on the edge of sanity. Thats a pretty big word.

I don’t want to put too much into the story of Brighton Beach Medical Group. But this is the group that Colt Vahn is supposedly running. It would explain why the two of them are the only ones who have access to his medical equipment. The other members of the group have a certain “professional” air about them. So I’m giving you a heads-up that if you get to where you are going, you might have to kill them.


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