This is a huge difference between a blog and podcast. A blog is a form of website that you can upload a story to over and over again. A podcast is a radio show that you can listen to. With a podcast, you have to create a schedule to listen to the show you want. With a blog, you create a schedule without having to worry about filling in the gaps.

A blog is different because you can upload a story a few times, and each time you upload it, you’re allowed to upload another story. The thing you have to do to get into a blog is to subscribe to it. You can do this with the RSS or feed-burner interface, or with a tool like Blogger, where you can add RSS entries and edit them so they’re not just blank.

Podcasts are different than blogs in that you can upload stories in a specific order. You can also upload your stories to the community so that people will get to hear the stories. Podcasts, like blogs, are not limited to one person. Podcasts can actually turn into blogs if you have too many. If you want to put every story you upload in a blog, you can, but you have to have a lot of readers to get there.

Of course, there are disadvantages to podcasting too. The big downside is that you have to buy a lot of time in advance. But, to be fair, the majority of podcasts are free to try, so if you are the sort of person who likes to try new things, this may be a good way to do it.

My preference is for podcasts that are written by humans. I like when I can listen to someone talk about a topic (I’m an avid reader) and not just be told what to think and sound like. I really enjoy when someone talks about something I’ve experienced and is sharing that with the audience. But, as with blogs, if you have too many listeners, then you probably want to use a blog.

I used to love blogging. I really wanted to learn how to write, and I still do. But I have a terrible time starting a blog or podcast and running out of time. (I know you’re thinking, “Well, it’s just a blog, so there’s no time limit”). And yet, I’ve learned to love the blog thing. It’s a great way to learn about other people’s ideas and perspectives. I would just be a terrible blogger anyway.

I get it. Everyone feels the same way about blogging. I can’t speak for all of you, but I can say that I love blogging and podcasting. Blogs are great for quickly spreading content and ideas. My own personal blog is a great way to spread my thoughts, but I’m also not a big fan of the idea of writing a blog. Its too time consuming, and I feel like its a more passive form of communication.

podcasts are great for connecting with listeners, but blogs are great for being able to talk to listeners face to face. I’m a big fan of the podcast format of blogging. Podcasts are a better way to hear about a particular topic, and I do enjoy podcasting.

Podcasts are great for connecting with listeners, but blogs are great for being able to talk to listeners face to face.

I have to admit that I am a little bit obsessed with podcasts. I listen to them a couple times a month. I have a couple of favorites that I listen to at least twice a week, and the topics range from politics to the latest sports news. I would be totally lost in a big city where there are thousands of podcasts, and I would be lost in a town where there are thousands of blogs.


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