The word arteriosclerotic refers to the narrowing of the blood arteries which can lead to heart disease, strokes, and kidney disease.

According to the Mayo Clinic this is bad news. The arteries are the main vessels that carry blood, and if they narrow they decrease the blood’s ability to flow to the heart, which can lead to heart attacks or strokes.

Yes, arteriosclerosis is bad news. In fact, it’s one of the primary reasons that most people who don’t have good blood flow find it difficult to stay healthy. If this is your blood flow, then you have arteriosclerosis.

It seems to me that the term arteriosclerosis, is a bit of a misnomer. If they call it arteriosclerosis, I would call it arteriosclerotic plaques. Arteriosclerosis is a plaque that forms in and around the arteries, and it can make the arteries narrow, clog, or even rupture.

It is a type of plaque that occurs in the arteries, which arteries are those that carry blood to the body. A plaque is a blockage in the arteries that prevents blood from flowing freely. Sometimes, arteriosclerosis causes narrowing of the arteries, which can lead to a blockage called a blockage.

So why do these plaque blocks form and how does it affect our bodies? Well arteriosclerosis does have a lot to do with the development of high-blood pressure, which is a condition where blood pressure is very high. High blood pressure is a condition in which blood pressure is too high, which causes it to build up in the arteries. High blood pressure can cause arteries and veins to get thick and narrow.

When high blood pressure develops, blood vessels become narrower, and can clog and narrow. This can lead to a blockage, which is a narrowing of the arteries and veins in a body.

When they do eventually clog, these narrowing arteries are often called blockages. High blood pressure can also make blood clot in other parts of the body, including the brain. If this is happening in the brain, the cause can be blood clots. Blood clots can be a cause of strokes, which can lead to severe strokes that can end a person’s life.

Strokes are the most common cause of death in the U.S. and the second most common cause of disability. The cause of strokes is a blood clot. There are more than 5.5 million strokes each year in the U.S. and one of the most common causes of stroke is a blood clot. While they are often called blood clots, they are actually a form of blood clot called a thrombus.

Blood clots are actually a type of blood clot called a thrombus. They can form in a variety of ways. The most common type is called a dissecting blood clot, a type of clot that involves two or more small blood vessels in the brain. The most significant type of blood clot is the intravascular type. Intravascular clots can form in the brain or any other part of the body.


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