This is one of those comments that might bring you to tears to know that successful entrepreneurs are more tolerant of uncertainty. This is the kind of comment I’ve heard a lot, and it’s pretty sad and unexpected. We don’t all have the luxury to be self-aware and live in the moment, and that’s okay.

Successful entrepreneurs are not afraid to be uncomfortable and uncertain. However, they are more comfortable with uncertainty than most people because it’s part of their success and they get to be the “smartest guy on the planet” without losing focus.

I think its safe to say that successful entrepreneurs tend to be more insecure than most people. The reason being that they are more comfortable with uncertainty and feel entitled to the future. In a business environment, having a vision and being able to execute on it is an essential part of success. While it doesn’t happen all the time, its a common trait among successful entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs are by nature risk-takers, and the more successful they become, the more they are willing to take risks. But success comes at a cost, and as such, entrepreneurs have to be more tolerant of uncertainty. In particular, they must be willing to take bigger risks because the reward is so much larger.

Most of the entrepreneurs we talked about in this book are not risk-takers, so we should see these entrepreneurs as being risk-advised, and they probably don’t think those risks are worth the risk. In fact, they think the rewards are better than the risk, and they probably think those rewards are more important. There are a few reasons for this, but the most obvious one is that entrepreneurs do not always think the risk is worth the risk.

This is the second part of a series of posts on the game, to which we’ve written a few other posts related to. In the first post, we discuss the concept of “risk an entrepreneur”, and why the game was made. In the second post, we talk about how we can make ourselves better, more ethical, more “risk-proof” entrepreneurs, and how we can make them safer.

we can make ourselves better by taking risks, but we can also make ourselves more risk-proof by not taking any risks at all. This is because the world is not the safest place, and the risks we take are not always worthwhile. So we need to learn to live with uncertainty instead of just accepting it. We need to be more tolerant of uncertainty.

This is actually something I’ve thought about deeply over the last few days and I think it is actually something I’ve been practicing the last few years. I’ve been practicing what I call the “dissonance” principle in life: I make sure that I am not too comfortable with the uncertainty I’m facing, but that I am not too comfortable with the situation I’m in.

The dissonance principle essentially says, “Don’t feel bad if you aren’t successful.” That is to say, don’t feel bad if you aren’t happy. You are not bad. You just are not happy. So what you do with your time is to not feel bad, to not be unhappy.

Well, that sounds like a good way to live, and it certainly helps that its also the way we like to live. Unfortunately, most of us aren’t successful entrepreneurs, and we dont have the luxury of feeling bad about that. However, we do have the luxury of knowing that we can change our feelings.


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