The idea for this spa was born from my desire to create an environment where I could have my own yoga space, take classes, and share my life with other people. I loved the idea of not feeling like I was “tired” when I went to the studio, but instead, being more present.

The idea for this spa actually goes back to a trip that I took to San Francisco when I was a few years into my practice. I was in a small town in Northern California called Altaire, and it was a beautiful day. I was walking through the park and I looked up and saw an old woman walking her dog. I thought to myself “this is a really nice place to be,” and I started to walk toward her.

There was something about that woman that made me pause. Her walk was so slow and deliberate. I kept my eyes on her as I continued walking, but I watched her walk and thought to myself, this is strange.

This was a woman who was in a wheelchair. She was doing everything she could to keep herself from falling. It was a very different sensation than what you would expect to find in a wheelchair.

I think I can best describe it by saying that it was a kind of slow forward march. She kept a very soft tread. It was as if her leg were an extension of her walk. I thought to myself, she’s not walking on a ball of metal; she’s walking on a smooth, smooth glide.

Yes, that’s exactly what it is. It’s like you’re walking on a wave. In fact, I think I can describe this feeling better by saying it’s like moving through water. It’s not just slow but smooth, as if the water were on the same level as your legs.

In my opinion this sounds better than it actually is. And it’s exactly that smooth glide that makes it so hypnotic. I know this is an old article, but I really like the description of it. It means, if you love to walk, you should go for it.

Well, that’s just a simple description of what altaire is. Its a medical spa. Which is basically a spa with a very slow and smooth sloping deck, perfect for a lazy Sunday or a lazy Wednesday evening. I can’t think of a more perfect description.

I really don’t know much else about altaire however I do know that it is an incredibly relaxing and peaceful spa that really puts you in the mood to rest. Its also very low maintenance and cheap, and I can see myself coming back every now and then. If you can’t find yourself in a good mood simply go and get a massage or a spa treatment.

The main reason why it is the perfect place to go on a relaxing lazy Sunday is because of the natural, gentle sloping deck. This means that your body can naturally rest in a way that you couldn’t with a regular flooring surface.


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