To be able to increase the profit margin.

The problem with cartels is that they are often formed to “cover” for other business practices. They simply don’t do anything to help the overall business, they just make sure that their side gets the most money. The same way that one business forms a cartel to increase its profit margin, another business might form a cartel to increase the profit margin of another business.

In fact, there is a huge difference between the two, and that is a cartel is a business that works to increase the profits for the corporation or company. But the difference between a company and a cartel is that a cartel is formed to increase profits. A cartel is a business that works within a business to increase the overall profit margin for the corporate entity. A company is a business that works in the interest of the business, in order to increase profits.

A cartel is a business that works within a business to increase profits. This has two key benefits for the company. First, by forming a cartel, a company can cut costs by cutting production and reducing wages. A cartel is also able to cut costs due to the fact that a cartel has the ability to pool resources with other companies to accomplish this goal. A cartel also has the ability to increase the profits for the corporation.

As a rule, when a company’s strategy is to increase profits, the company has to make a big deal. That is to say, it does not have to make a big deal, but there are a few times when a company has to make a big deal. That is a good example.

That is a good example of a company that made a big deal. This company had been a very successful company in their area of business, then for no reason at all something went wrong. For example, the company’s stock had been increasing for a few years then suddenly a few days were taken off, and then another few days were taken off. So now the stock is down. Company says it is down, and then makes a big deal.

This is when the company forms a cartel. A company that is made up of a few companies who have a single ownership of a big company. They can get together and agree on things and then the big company will follow. The problem is, when that happens, it’s a very bad idea. It has the potential to cause a chain reaction that takes down the companies that make up the cartel. It also has the potential to make a very bad situation worse.

If the company says it is down and then makes a deal with another company to take it down, that company is in control of the company. A cartel is a very bad idea for a company because if one company is doing everything that the other company wants, it has total control of them. This means that if the company decides to do the bad thing, the other company has no control over it and is the one that will be hurt the most.

The company and the cartel have the same goal, so the cartel has to be both the one that is doing the good thing and the one that is doing the bad thing. They both want the same thing (the company) but the cartel is the one that is doing the bad thing. The cartel’s goal is to put the company in a bad situation so it can give the rest of the company more power (the cartel).

In other words, the cartel needs to do the bad thing, so the company will have more power and the cartel will have more control and will have more control over the rest of the company. The company can also be the one that is supposed to help the boss in terms of getting people to believe in it.


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